A River Somewhere: South Island NZ

So here is my antidote to Bears v Lions lethargy this morning. Grab a cup of coffee and a quiet spot, or headphones and settle in to my Thanksgiving Gift, still probably the best fly fishing show to ever make it to mainstream television anywhere “A River Somewhere”, with it’s hosts chasing South Island brown trout.

Tom Gleisner and Rob Sitch were well known Aussie comedians in the mid-90s when they they turned their passion for fly fishing into a paying gig roaming the world for 2 fabulous seasons. It was as inspriational Down Under as The Movie was a five years earlier here.

The YouTube versions digitised 16 years ago wouldn’t be described as HD, though the original series was shot on movie grade film. Nice project for somewhere to hi-def this as there was some beautiful camera work.

If you enjoy this episode there may or may not be more episodes on a playlist somewhere, unofficially to while away this morning.

Happy Thanksgiving from Steve and the crew.