Dally’s Fly Fishing Report 11-24-21

Tom from Texas found this nice brown with guide Duane Bell

NOW this has been a long time coming, but we look like settling into a goodly stretch of minimum flow in the tailwater forecasts.

Last weekend SWPA scheduled minimum flow all weekend but you would have been sadly disappointed if you had driven in from any distance at all. But now we look like its here through the weekend at least.

The schedule for the holiday should be unveiled sometime after 4pm tomorrow here

If you haven’t already, I would be checking your waders, packs, nets and so on, everything you need for a day on foot. Don’t be surprised if the gravel has shifted since your last minimum flow expedition. And no matter what the schedule says, always keep a weather eye out for rising water

Watercraft provide a good opportunity to get away from the madding crowd at the access points. Move slowly and be respectful of the waders. Waders too should be aware that boaters have little option but to find the deeper channels, often through your fishing water. A little give and take goes a long way especially on this weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving to all

Chad Johnson introduced 15-y-o Ashley, the son of a childhood friend, to the world of trout at Dry Run and a Dally’s red white and blue trucker

And now onto the rest of this week’s report


No one enjoyed more catching a bunch of rainbows than Jesse from TN.

It’s time to get out the 5x and the small midges again. Jump in and grab a mess of David Knowles’ Ruby, Rootbeer and Redneck Midges. These #18 midge patterns are a go to for trophy browns as well as a mess of rainbow.

Pick up some #16 and #18 Tailwater Jigs and some Wotton Midges. Scuds and sowbug patterns, like a Sunday Special or Crusty Ron, plus some smaller egg patterns and some soft hackles to round out the selection. If you like swinging a streamer try some olive buggers

It also wouldn’t hurt to carry some parachute adams in 18s or 20 if you like some dry fly fishing.


Norfork has been fishing well for waders but do keep an eye on the flows which has been more volatile than the White. There have been some shortlived morning and evening bumps which could still catch the unwary.

Egg patterns plus scuds and sow bugs and midge patterns have been reliable