dally’s fly fishing report 11/18/21

Big tail on this fish caught by Dale from Jonesboro with Duane Bell

IF YOU are a regular reader of our weekly fly fishing report, then you have a pretty good idea about the restorative powers of some water time.

It seems its not just us, the perhaps seriously committed fly fishers who are starting to recognise the positive effects, according to this news story from Denver. Perhaps we aren’t the “crazy fly fishers” after all.

It’s easy to feel the powers of the river there on these glossy November afternoons, when the air is soft and the light golden. The shady side of the river where the fish are eating might be appealing but sitting on the sunny bank for a break and a snack, with friends is hard to beat

Nice fish for Brian Clark with guide Brian Kick (obscured)

Looks like being an awesome weekend with rain backing out of the forecast and some fine mental health weather ahead.

And now for the rest of this week’s fishing report:

John Smeltzer of KC with guide Kevin Brandtonies


With chilly mornings and sunny afternoons we can probably expect some morning bumps in flow and settling down to a unit or less of water through the afternoon and evening.

Layer up for the morning, gloves and a hat aren’t a bad idea for boat runs early.

Midge combinations are a solid bet, adjusting size and styles to cater to different water flows during the course of the day.

David Knowles’s Rootbeer and Ruby Midges, Wotton Super Midges and Dally’s Tailwater Jigs are the first choices for most rigs, and switching these around in sizes from 18 to 14 can cover a wide range of flows. The ubiquitous rubber legs patterns can also be helpful in getting those midges into the feeding zone.

We are seeing some small tan caddis still kicking around on warmer afternoons, so keeping some 18 and 16 Sunday Specials in your box is definately worth it. Similarly we have also been spotting erratic but surprising numbers of baetis, varing in color from chocolate brown to a true olive. Pheasant Tail nymphs or Real Meal nymphs are worth holding as well.

Been hearing the odd mention about smaller streamers starting to perform on the browns on these cold morning pushes of water, so having some coneheads and buggers around is worth the effort.


Nothing like your first brown trout not long after picking up the rod for your first time fly fishing

If you were fishing Norfork the past couple of days you had lucked out with all day wading and only some generation after dark.

But the drop in temperatures today saw a big morning push. Stay in touch the the SWPA schedule charts if you want to make the most of Norfork right now. But don’t be surprised if the patterns keep changing along with the weather.

Teaming a Midge or Scud with a weight glo bug right now is a pretty solid bet. Knowles Midges, Wotton Super Midge and Tailwater Jigs are must carry flies. Sunday specials can multi-task as scuds or caddis