hAVE yOUR SAY ON Arkansas bass management

LITTLE ROCK — The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is asking for public input into the next version of its Reservoir Black Bass Management Plan, which is currently on track to be published in spring 2022. Taking only a few minutes to answer three questions can offer tremendous insight into the opinions of anglers and their desires for the future of fishing in Arkansas. The questionnaire is available at www.agfc.com/bassplan.

The AGFC has produced Black Bass Management Plans to help guide fisheries efforts since the formation of its Black Bass Program, which began in 2001. The next version of the plan will incorporate values of all black bass stakeholders and provide broad guidance on policies for addressing the complex management challenges and issues related to producing high-quality fishing experiences for black bass.

“During our last revision, we opened up the planning process to public input and we are hoping to increase the level of public involvement during this plan’s development,” Vic DiCenzo, AGFC Black Bass Program coordinator, said. “As we modify our management, we need to be aware of the desires of our audience, the anglers. Not only are they a critical component of management techniques, their satisfaction ultimately is one indicator of the plan’s success.”

Offer input on Arkansas bass management