Dally’s fly fishing report 10-28-21

Mike Scott with guide Steve Dally and his thick White River brown trout

Check the flows, pick a put in, now do we head left or right, upstream or down?

Small decisions like these can leave you giggling or grumbling depending whether you picked wisely or poorly. As we mention last week the generation pattern for the White has been seemingly predictable, low after midnight through lunchtime rising in the afternoon.

The devil is in the details and the nuance. Rising water is good and falling water mostly poor and dramatic changes either way can be hard to fish.

Tim Hansard nailed this sweet brown with Duane Bell

The hour or more time delay on the water releases charts doesn’t help much either. Long term guides have experience to fall back on, but even so some days its a toss up as to whether you turn left or right leaving the ramp.

Some days, like for Mike Scott at top, those decisions yield a personal best for the year, on other days its as Mike Tyson once declared, “everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth.”

If you are visiting our tailwaters and are fretting over choices like we are describing here, swing by the shop or call 870 435 61656 and talk it over with the crew. They will give your their best suggestions.

The rest is up to you and your good fortune. Which is probably as it should be.

Greg Edster (at left) found this brown with guide Brian Kick

And now for the rest of this week’s fly fishing report

At Left: Kelly Harris worked hard for this sweet streamer brown this week with Chad Johnson


Nice to see yesterday’s soaking, adding 6″ to Bull Shoals Lake, which is down around 84% of power pool capacity. Thankfully too the White remained clean and fishable, at least from all reports above Crooked Creek.

It looks like being a gorgeous weekend, ahead of a big cool down next week. The rain backed up by the mid-30F temperatures next week should have the woods looking spectacular. Going to be beautiful out there.

On the lower morning flows Tailwater Jigs (which we have back in stock in solid numbers) paired with a small Rubber Legs, weighted egg or similar heavy jig patterns have been doing solidly. Megaworms, Rainbow Warriors and Super Midge patterns are all worth building into your nymph pairings.

Weight and depth are the two key factors to ponder, and may change multiple times during your day


Guide Luke Coffey found this guy on a little r&r in the rain

Flows on Norfork has been shall we say unsettled. If you are a wader today will be awesome, probably, as generation is only scheduled to start after 3. But this hasn’t been the case every day this week, so keep watching the schedules and keep watching the banks. while in the river.

Tan Scuds and sowbugs have been a winner, have an each way bet with the ever reliable Sunday Special, perhaps teamed with a Ruby or Rootbeer Midge. Smaller streamers or soft hackles can provide variety.

If you have a boat similarly watch the flows. You won’t find many guide boats on the fork if the rise comes after 3. It can be a great way to get in some relatively peaceful fishing for a few hours. The first push is dirty so run blobs, and san juans, tan scuds and the line with plenty of weight