Picking Streamers for Fall Browns

Dally’s Twerking Minnow in the maw of a White River predator, Steve Dally image

Big trout fascinate us and inspire us because not only are they the biggest and baddest things in the river, they’re also rare. For fly anglers these fish represent a challenge, a mountain to climb, an inexpressible wish every time we cast a fly into the water.


It’s always interesting to read what other people in other parts of the country are doing in terms of streamers, particularly when two of our own patterns get a shout out.

Both Dally’s Twerking Minnow and CJ’s Sluggo received a shoutout in the article.

The Twerking Minnow was rated as Kubie’s favorite normal flow streamer

The fly has a great baitfish profile in the water, a subtle flash, and can be either dead drifted along undercut banks and deep holes or fished with a stripping action around big boulders or the edges of drop-offs.

The Sluggo won praise as a fly for low flow shallow water conditions

Tying into a big trout in shallow water calls for large, neutrally buoyant flies that can suspend beneath the water, have a sleek natural profile, and a small amount of flash. Flies that can be jerked, paused, and twitched,

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