STEP UP your streamer game with RIO’s new sink tip range, giving a wide range of options for streamer presentation.

The updated RIO Outbound Short and new RIO Predator lines are now in stock and are going to be in demand this winter. We should also have the updated version of the RIO Striper line available in January.

No matter whether you are chasing White River brown trout, musky up north, beefy river smallmouth there is a line to suit the water conditions and have that streamer working where you need it. Even better with all these line choice is RIO’s Easy ID, printing the line type and size on each line for …. easy identification.

The Outbound Short has been consistently one of our most popular big streamer lines for the White River on high water. The new version offers the same big fly power and reach but better sink rates for high flows. Steve was reporting the S5/S7 model, with a dual density sink tip of 5 inches per second and 7 inches per second, was right at home in 20,000 plus cfs this summer.

On under 12,000 cfs flow you might prefer the S3/S5 model to split the water column without having to race the fly back to the boat. RIO have also released the “Dredger” model of the line which is a full length of skinny S7 for the flood gate type flows.


The new Predator series have floating running lines and more conventional head lengths than the shooting tapers of the Outbound Shorts. The sinking section is shorter too, only 20′ long rather than 30′ and the Predator gets low stretch Connect CorePlus.

The Predators are going to be the line of choice for waders and those fishing fast relatively shallow waters. The floating rear will also make mending the line easier.

We have the full floating version (think smallmouth or largemouth poppers, even surface shad flies), and the Intermediate/S3 which might become the line of choice for under 3000cfs and the fast sink S5/S7 version