new roads for gabe levin

Today is Gabe Levin’s last as a full time White River fly guide as he takes a new path in career and life.

We wish Gabe and Molly all the best in their future endeavors, first stop Russellville, but they will be missed by us all. He is going to work for Quail Forever, and there couldn’t be a cause more worthy

Gabe has been a huge part of our operation and our family, since before Dally’s was even open. In January 2011 Gabe landed a monster 32″ brown trout on a streamer fishing with his brother Ben and myself, a fish which would kickstart the White River streamer game.

The 2011 giant

Gabe would join us in 2013, a fresh faced shop rat, smarter than we deserved and full of good intentions. I’ll never forget his embarrassed call when he informed me he had broken the tip off a Orvis Helios one piece unwrapping it for the first time. “Hey Boss” the calls would start.

For a while we had both Gabe and Chris Franzen on deck, a fishier pair you wouldn’t ever meet, both different individuals but no fish was safe. Our fly shop was never going to hold them.

Gabe always finds the big guy, like Chad the rest of us are happy to be there

Gabe would quickly join our guide team as our business grew and became a big part of its success. A knack for finding fish, a gentle patient professional with a knack for producing huge fish for his clients, and head shakes from his colleagues. It was a heck of a day if you got one up on Gabe. Clients loved him too.

Gabe Levin, guide, friend, colleague, finder of huge fish and purveyor of silly poses

I guess we have all known for a while that guiding couldn’t hold Gabe forever, as much as our world was better for his being there, this was just a stepping stone to … something. Gabe is still suggesting he will be doing some limited guiding dates once he gets his feet under him in the new gig. But I’m not sure Arkansas can hold him either. I told his new employer keep setting him challenges and don’t let him get bored and you will never know how far he can go.

It’s going to be a big change not greet Gabe every morning, trying to get a laugh out of his yet to wake visage, heading out to the coal face every day. This is the guy I’ve towed home in his boat twice and tried not to tease him about it.

From all of us, best of luck where ever you road takes you and there’s always a seat in the boat and a turn on the oars

Steve Dally and all of us at Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher

Gabe and Steve