FALL FUN: Take someone special fly fishing

Bryan and Amanda Abramovitz sharing time on the White. You notice who has the bigger rainbow

Fall is a spectacular time on our rivers, with cooler temperatures, bent rods and the turning of the leaves. It is a great time to introduce someone you care about to fly fishing, with the low flows and reliable fishing providing a great base to introduce a newcomer.

Fishing for big Arkansas brown trout may get all the attention on social media. But the foundation of fly fishing is built on an experienced fly fisher taking a newcomer fly fishing _ and the process is much more fun when you are fishing with one of our guides. I get many of these trips every year as do our other guides.

Fat plentiful rainbows make for big smiles

Bryan Abramovitz brought his wife Amanda who had “only been on 1-2 trips with me in the past. I want this trip to really be about her getting comfortable with a fly rod, catching lots of fish, and having a lot of fun. “

The greatest instructor Lefty Kreh used to say the only person he couldn’t teach was his wife. Bryan was smart enough to put Amanda in my hands, and enjoy the fishing himself. And after 15 years doing this, the trick is convince newcomers that they belong as a fly fisher. A confident happy fly fisher is a better fly fisher.

A regularly bent rod helps, and here our tailwaters deliver. It easy to recover from the inevitable miscues when the next cast delivers a trout. Smiles and shared laughter ease the learning process as well.

Bryan would write after the trip (and send the photos with this article): “Thank you again for a great experience on the White River! Amanda had a great time and was so happy to catch fish on such a beautiful river”

Amanda and the author getting their giggle on

You may be a plotting a big fish winter trip, but how about a fall trip with a friend or family. It’s the White River system, so a big fish can happen along anytime. But fly fishing, without the pressure of hunting the fish of a lifetime, can be so much more relaxing. And you get the buzz of seeing someone close to you delight in learning.

The guide will take all the headaches away, gear, boat, lunch and tangles and you get to have fun. October is pretty crammed full but November is a great time to bring someone new along as the river quietens back down. .

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