Dally’s Fly Fishing Report 10/6/21

Sophia rewrote her personal best trout by a long way_ Steve Dally image

It only takes one cast.

The odds of catching the fish of a lifetime on the White river system are better than say winning the monster Powerball Jackpot last weekend. But at times it doesn’t feel that way.

Last weekend I watched as regular fly fisher Sophia tied into the brown trout pictured above and the pair wrestled it out over a fairly lengthy stretch of river before it came to the net. In reality it was a tug of war lasting only a few minutes but time elongates for those directly involved.

I’m sure it felt different to her husband Jim who was ordered to summarily dispense with a normally photo worthy quality rainbow trout, while we set about main course

As it happens I don’t think I’ll forget the wide-eyed wonderment on this otherwise worldly pediatrician when she actually sized up her capture.

Two days later Jim would feel the other side of the ledger when a freak happenstance meant his similarly sized trophy would swim away hookless after a short connection. What is sometimes so simple can be so hard.

Jim Jones, New Mexico. 22″ brown with Victor Edwards

The truth is you only have a chance of either emotion, high or low, if you are out on the water.

So let’s move onto the rest of this week’s fishing report:

Ti Piper from New Mexico with 22″ Bull Shoals Rainbow with Victor Edwards


As we have mentioned before the different between an ok day and a great day is all dependant on the flows.

The early flows are fishing solidly for rainbows. Balancing your weight and fly size on the falling water can be tricky from Wildcat down. Look at the patterns of how much water was run the night before and how late.

Depth in this ultra clear water can be deceptive. Fishing a little further from the boat doesnt hurt either.

Tailwater jigs have been a standout particularly Ruby (ask Sophia), Silver Bullet and Zebra. Combo these up on smaller rubber legs patterns on higher flows, or with Wotton Super Midges on the low flows. A pair of Tailwater Jigs isn’t to be sneezed at either.

Swinging buggers or coneheads in these lower flows in the lower ends of the fast water is another fall game really worthwhile.

Victor with his own brown


The fork is getting plenty of morning attention from the waders. A small Knowles midge and Sunday Special is a great tandem in the fast water. The Sunday Special also is solid as a scud/sodbug pattern on its own in the flats.

A midge/soft hackle combo is another great searching pattern during Norfork’s Midge hatches.

On the higher flows of the afternoon Blobs and Cheetos ahead pof Tailwater Jigs, Super Midges or Snday Specials is effective. Don’t forget some San Juan Worms