Dally’s Fly Fishing Report 9/30/21

Louis Dennert with guide Luke Coffey

IT looks like the early half of this week was the final gasp of summer heat with this weekend’s cold front marking a cool down next week.

This might have been predicted a couple of week’s back, but it seems this time it’s real, with a week of temperatures down into the 70s in the offing. The White could probably stand some cooler weather as well with temps now hitting 60F.

Trey Guidry bright hopper brown

For many fall is their favorite time of year to fish, its delightful out their right now. Bring some raingear for the weekend but next week is looking spectacular.

And now onto the rest of this week’s fly fishing report


Rob Nixon solid hopper brown trout with Steve Dally

The hopper bit, so prolific for so long this year, is finally starting to dry up, though persistant will pay off for the diligent. Smaller fare, longer leaders and stealthy presentations will turn up some solid brown trout. And they are always worth more when you catch them off the top.

But the subsurface game is the most prolific, and you can get some serious rod bending action up and down the river right now. The trickiest part of the game is dialling into the water flows.

There will still be water falling out from the evening before first thing the morning at Cotter and below, which means perhaps more depth and weight than is needed above Wildcat. As the morning rolls on there may be a drop or even up and down movements in the flows, which can help or hinder fishing on the upper river.

After lunch there will be a big hard push into the mid teens of cfs which can kick start a bite or blow it out as it lifts trash and sediment off the banks, and send waders to higher ground

The big ticket is figuring out what style of fishing you want to do, wade, low flow drifting or high flow. The shop crew can let you know what is coming, and where to set up best.

Tiger trout from Gabe Levin

Dally’s Tailwater Jigs, and Wotton Super Midges have been the combo item again this week, Ruby Black and Copper, and Silver Bullet in the Jigs and the Silver Black Super Midge has been hot.

Girdle Bugs have been solid and we have seen good results on pink and tan San Juan Worms. Waders watch out for the fall spawn rainbow redds on gravel at the top of shoals.

Hognose sucker on a Tailwater jig, Steve Dally image


Unlike the White with its shifting flow regimes, Norfork is off in the mornings and off in the afternoons, making the decision easier.

Waders have the river for themselves in the morning. Knowles Midges, Soft Hackles, scuds and Tailwater jigs are the ticket. The dark Knowles Rootbeer Midge should be a safe bet with the dark skies forecast through the weekend.

When the generators turn on early afternoon have your escape route planned. It will be dirty and trashy for a while. Run Cheetos or Blobs ahead of brith San Juans or larger Jigs and Midges.