Michael Riley with a solid morning hopper fish

THE pattern, if you will, of lower flows overnight and building up after lunch to higher flows has been steady, but your fishing fate rests in the small print.

Subtle variations in the changes in flow and its timing can be the difference between lights out fishing and just another day.

This afternoon in relatively mild temperatures we saw the biggest afternoon flows of the week with 3 hours over 20,000 cfs. But it’s always a mistake to look at local weather when assessing water flows. Stability and predictability are not in the White River’s nature.

Next week Bull Shoals should be back at power pool on Monday, signaling perhaps another shift in flow regime, though not if the temperatures remain in the 90s

Still the fishing has been anywhere from solid to very good as summer winds down.

Chris Shaughnessy with a solid Bull Shoals brown

And now onto the rest of this week’s fly fishing report.


Russ Wallace with a White River hopper brown

With warm temperatures and a good foot of water to clear out of Bull Shoals expect high flows through the weekend. More mild temperatures would be a signal for lower flows.

Hopper fishing has been good, though the cicadas song is getting less frequent. Fat Albert’s Psycho Ants and Mudfoots have been solid. On grassy banks, or a switch of scenery roll a Henneberry Hopper, Western Lady or More or Less Hopper.

Subsurface switch to deep nymphing according to the water flow you are on.

Rubberlegs and Tailwater Jigs, or two Dally’s Tailwater Jigs are a solid start fished tight to bank or out in the current. DW Super Midge are another solid choice for a trailing fly.


Geffrey Davis and son Carlos with a solid Norfork brown

In a sign of things to come perhaps, Norfork has been off from around 11pm to 7am, so if you are early some wading is available. Norfork fish are in great shape with thick bellies so there promises to be some fine wade fishing this fall.

But the high flow bite has been particularly good, early with blobs, cheetos or other bright attractor patterns ahead of a Tailwater Jig, or Super Midge or Sunday Special.

As the water clears late afternoon roll with SAunday Special, Guides Choice Hare’s Ears and the Tailwater Jigs.