Dally’s Fly Fishing Report 8/26/21

Steve Burkebile with a sweet hopper brown with Michael Saladin

The shade of a tree, or a bridge, is a fine place to take a break from the sun and watch the river roll by, imbibing something icy cold and hydrating.

Yeh its been hot. The right clothing, plenty of sunscreen, Smith sunglasses and a big Fishpond palm front hat will help. But there is nothing like hanging your legs over the side and dipping your feet into the White River.

It beats the concrete jungle any day.

Randy Graves found this brown with Ben Levin

There is plenty to see if you are quiet and still, the birds and animals who inhabit the river banks calm down. Watch the flow of the river, you might see the bugs, terrestials or midges, and the odd mayfly and caddis carried along by the current.

There are myriad bugs around, tasty morsels though the yellow hopper which landed on my foot in Cotter last night was pushing 4 inches long.

Yes its warm but no better place to be. And so onto the rest of this week’s report

Aaron landed this porker with Morgan Guss

WHITE RIVER: It been a surprise to see some structure emerging on the low morning flows this week. I found myself pondering the shape of a boulder I had not seen since spring. “Did it always have that bowl in the top”?

Of course 8000 to 10,000 cfs isn’t exactly low flow but after the big water we have been getting its a pleasant change. And once the flow has dropped its fishing pretty nicely.

Hopper fishing first thing has been solid, some days better than others, but over-caffeinated hooksets can be an issue. Psycho Ants, Fat Alberts, Baby Foam Hoppers, Mudfoots and Chubby Chernobyls have all been solid.

Dropping a Tailwater Jig, Super Midge or beadless Girdle Bugs under a sufficiently bouyant hopper can also add some value to any slow starts on the surface bugs.

Cranberry, Ruby or Silver Bullet Tailwater Jigs have been producing for guides all over the river system, both for brown trout and the rainbows.

Cutty and Brown double with Mic Saladin

NORFORK: Flows are starting to moderate from the wide open pacing last week. Instead of 5000 cfs we are in the mid 4000s, and you can expect this to continue to ease and the lake level drops.

Fish bright Cheetos and Blobs in the morning with Tailwater Jig or Lightning Bug and Rainbow Warrior patterns astern. In the after run some big Hare’s Ear or Sunday Special Patterns with similar trailers for consistent results