Three Generations

That smile got passed down 8yo Eli on his first trip to brown town with grandfather Dave Wiseman

Dave Wiseman, from Kansas, and I have been fishing together for better than a decade _ Our first fish together was a spectacular two-foot brown. And there have been some awesome fish and a great days since. But few would be as memorable as last week, when Dave convinced his wife Leslie, daughter Bree and boyfriend Ryan and son Tom, and his kids Mia, Zoe and Elia, and Mia’s friend Joey to come fishing on the White.

All the Wiseman crew made our jobs easier, the guide crew were spectacular and it all came together and made more special with Dave’s hearfelt message below. An awesome week for all involved

Sincere thanks to you and the great crew, Chad, Ben, Gabe, and Michael for hosting me and three generations of the family and friends last week. We really appreciated  you accommodating the last extra day request, getting David and Luke to show the kids fishing on the Norfork.
Over the last 10 years you and I have had some wonderful trips, fishing hard, having fun, and chasing some great fish. This trip might have been the most enjoyable and satisfying for me seeing the family get introduced to fly fishing. I knew it would be a challenge as only two of us had any experience fly fishing and ages ranging from 8 yrs old on up. Everyone was catching good numbers and quality fish from the start thanks to the patience and teaching skills of your team. All have said they now see why I have been doing this for 30+ years and they can’t wait to go again.
It was a perfect week that we won’t forget!
I will see you this winter.

Thanks again to you and the Team,
Dave Wiseman
Leslie, Tom, Bree, Ryan, Mia, Joey, Zoe, and Eli

Bree with one of many spectacular brown trout
Joey and Mia first double
Zoey nailed her first brown trout
Ryan from California took to fly fishing fast
Joey had never fished before but Chad and Tucker helped him find his first White River brown
Eli and Zoey had a great time on Dry Run Creek