The Rare Trout Chronicles

Set yourselves aside a solid half hour, turn off your phone, and add a set of earphones and join Chase Bartee and wife Aimee on a quest for the rarest trout species. Above is the first episode and you can find the second episode here.

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In a quest to illustrate rare and threatened species of wild native trout in watercolor, artist Chase Bartee and wife Aimee set off on a multi year, cross country adventure of discovery. We begin our journey in the North Maine Woods, in search of one of the state, and country’s rarest fish; The Blueback Trout (Salvelinus apinus aquossa). Long believed to be many different species, Maine’s rare strain of landlocked arctic charr faces great peril in its struggle to hold on along the southern most margins of its range. Follow along as we uncover the past, present, and future of this unique species as well as ready ourselves for fill time road living in our 1985 VW Vanagon, “Bullwinkle”.

THE QUEST TO CATCH MAINE’S RAREST FISH || For Wild’s Sake: The Rare Trout Chronicles | Episode 1