a Different eye on feathers

James Henderson image via The Phoblographer

My name is James Henderson. Feathers are seen by everybody, but not many people stop to look at them. Children prize them when they find them in the garden or on the street, and many adults will stop for a quick look. But how many of us really look? As Mary Poppins says, “When will you learn to look past what you see?” Using a macro lens lets us get a vantage point that we don’t generally get. It’s a chance to appreciate the shape, color, texture, and “life events” of the feather.

James Henderson Creates “Featherscapes” Using Beautiful Bird Feathers

IF you are a fly tyer, the building blocks or ingredients, become familiar, perhaps too familiar as we look over their own special beauty instead focusing on our requirements, length color perhaps shape.

When I stumbled over the above article on James Henderson’s macro photos of bird feathers it was too good not to share. Click through to the article, and you will find more and links to his website and you tube.