Trout get addicted to Meth in Polluted waters

Czech scientists have found brown trout can get hooked on methamphetamine in polluted waters.

And the pollution doesn’t just come through careless illegal manufacturing or transport but from human users via wastewater treatment plants and sewage systems.

A report on the study in said Meth pollutes rivers all over the world, with concentrations of the drug ranging from a few nanograms to dozens of micrograms per liter of water, according to reports in the journals Chemosphere and Water.

“Where methamphetamine users are, there is also methamphetamine pollution of freshwaters,” first author Pavel Horký, an associate professor and behavioral ecologist at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, told Live Science in an email. 

The study placed brown trout in a holding tank for 2 months with micro dosages of meth. Read More