Odyssey 2021 Photo Essay

Breamfinity: Marcus rowing and Kylie casting

IT wasn’t designed that way but the All Species Odyssey might just be the antidote to modern cynicism over the hoary old line that fly fishing more than what you catch.

It could certainly be said of the 2021 Odyssey that rarely have so many have worked so hard for so few, and yet had so much fun in the process. The grins were infectious.

Twenty-one teams started and finished the toughest Odyssey yet, with heat, high sun and high water all making fishing tough. The event is gruelling, with the 2 person teams trying to catch as many species as they can in 14 hours of competition over 24 hours.

But still there are smiling fly fishers, sharing stories of fish hooked and lost, and pledges to return again to take on the Odyssey in 2022.

Junior Schraeder’s big grass carp
Gabe Levin hunting
Team Kiki & The Beard: Kristie and Josh Spielmaker
Clara Newcomb brought her father along to take the fish pics
Team TU420 Phil Curtis working the Cotter Ramp hole with teammate Scott Hood in the background
Summer Saturday tubing on Crooked Creek adds a new level of difficulty
Jessica Carver entertaining Finleigh and Logan while husband Lee fished
Emily Gilchrist scoring the Banana Boat Girls first fish
What fly next? Jack Curtis pondering the choices
Jongnose gar: Junior Schraeder
Jim Stouffer high walling the grass carp
Ozark bass are always cool
Marlene Hada in a reflective moment
Flies on hats were a thing
By day 2 your fishing rig looks like this: Team Breamfinity