70 Citations on Tailwaters over weekend

AGFC wildlife officers issues 70 citations over the weekend, the majority for license breaches.

And AGFC release yesterday said citation were issued for wake violations, possession of glass containers as well as illegal use of barbed hooks or bait in catch and release areas/

Enforcement of fishing regulations on waters managed by the Trout Management Program is a critical part of ensuring that those resources remain sustainable for all anglers to enjoy. This past weekend, officers from the AGFC B-1 Enforcement District, with assistance from other AGFC enforcement districts, conducted a special operation detail on the Bull Shoals and Norfork Tailwaters. Although Wildlife Officers regularly spend time enforcing trout regulations, special operations are a way to fully enforce the fishery in a short period of time in order to maximize contact with as many anglers as possible. During the weekend, 12 Wildlife Officers spent a total of 178 hours on the fisheries and made contact with 650+ people. A total of 70 citations were issued during the operation, with offenses including illegal use of barbed hooks and bait in catch-and-release areas, wake violations, failure to have personal flotation devices (PFD) on board, and possession of glass containers on the river. However, over half of the citations issued over the weekend were to people who did not have a fishing license, did not have a trout permit, or for failure to carry proof of a fishing license while on the water. 
Failure to have a fishing license or trout permit is an obvious way for an angler to receive a citation. However, many anglers may be unaware that they must carry proof of a fishing license while fishing, which is the equivalent of being required to have your driver’s license with you when driving. There are several ways to prove you have a fishing license, including carrying a paper hard-copy, having a photo of your license readily accessible on your phone, or carrying a reusable “hard-card”. Hard-cards are available on AGFC licensing page for a small, one-time fee ($6.00). Last weekend’s operation was a large success and the Trout Management Program is extremely proud of our officers and their efforts to protect the trout fisheries.