Five and a half weeks and ticking down, until the 2021 All Species Odyssey and half of our team spots have already been filled.

The Odyssey 2021 is promising to be an epic like no other, with almost $5000 in prizes and giveaways, our first celebrity team, our first all-female entry, past winners and an awesome Fly Fishing Festival on Saturday night: the first F3T Under the Bridge event in Cotter.

The Under The Bridge celebration is going to be an Odyssey game changer with a late night out adding an extra degree of difficulty to the Day 2 6am start.

If you want to step into this two-day non-competitive competition download your entry form and rules kit.

The 24 hour epic will see teams of two fly fishers try to catch as many of our 33 target flyrod species as possible. The most species caught, photographed and released in the fishing hours, will win the bragging rights and a share of almost $5000 in prizes.


Winning the event will take fly fishing skills, knowledge, stamina and outright cunning. And as many teams in the first two Odyssey events have discovered, a healthy dose of luck will help.

Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher is pleased to unveil the 2021 All Species Odyssey live in person and socially distanced with backing from YETI, Sage, RIO Products, TFO, Smith Optics, Simms Fishing, Fishpond USA, Orvis, Sweetwater Brewing Co.

The Odyssey will start at midday June 19-20, and competitors will fish until 8pm. Fishing resumes at 6 am Sunday and runs until midday. Competitors need to return to Dally’s in Cotter for the awards ceremony at 1pm.

The rules are simple: teams of two fly fishers will compete to see who can amass the most species over, size doesn’t matter. Fishing will only be conducted during daylight hours (see rules) but fishers can use the closed fishing period to change locations, refuel and plan strategy.

Each species must be photographed, with our unique control item, and submitted to the Odyssey HQ via our tournament app. The images will be used to authenticate species and score each team..

In the event of a tie, judges will use our points scoring system, which grades the difficulty of capture of the species to separate the winners, who will be announced at an event 1pm Sunday June 20.

Want to strategize your plan for the Odyssey read the Odyssey Waypoints and our Odyssey Fish Finder articles