Dally’s Fly Fishing Report 4/29/21

Ben caught this long brown on a dry fly

Flows on the White have been somewhere around 4,000cfs for a few days now, providing some nice stable water and dependable fishing. There has been a bit too much cloud cover in recent days to spark any major caddis hatches, but once the fish have seen a big hatch like we saw late last week, they can be caught on caddis imitations regardless of whether there are fresh bugs hatching. Strong midge hatches are happening even under cloudy conditions. Try combinations of caddis and midge imitations including Nick’s Fat Caddass, Mercer’s Jiggy Caddis, Sunday Specials, Dally’s Tailwater Jigs #18, Wotton’s Whitetail Midge, and Ruby/Root Beer midges. Don’t forget about dry flies like E/C and E/Z caddis, as sometimes fish are actively feeding on spent caddis from days past even when there is not a fresh hatch.

Staci Goodman and a round brown

Heavy rain fell yesterday across northern Arkansas, creating a temporary runoff situation in the tailwaters that will likely mean good fishing with San Juan Worms for a day or two until the water clears up again. The rain will clear out by this afternoon, then it’s looking clear and sunny and beautiful Friday and Saturday with highs approaching eighty degrees, then a chance for more rain coming in Sunday afternoon. Look for a monster caddis hatch this weekend in the bright sunshine, and doubly so if Bull Shoals Dam shuts the water off for flood mitigation.

Greg Allen didn’t mind a lil rain

Norfork has been off until almost 10am, so early bird wade fishermen could go to Ackerman Access at dawn and get a few hours of good wade fishing, while keeping an eye out for rising water and planning the exit route. Sunday Specials, Hunchback Scuds, Root Beer midges, Whitetail midges should all be killer. Expect Norfork to run two units from about 10am until mid to late afternoon, at which point the flow is reduced to one unit, and then off again around dark. The higher flow during the day is also fishing great with Mega Worms and Blobs trailed by Sunday Specials, Tailwater Jigs, Whitetail Midges.

Dr Cole Goodman with a long dry fly brown trout with Steve