Dally’s Fly Fishing Report 4/22/21

Peter Malin got a nice brown with guide Luke Coffey

The White River has many faces right now, and it’s hard to know which one is going to greet you from day to day. You could get stable flow between 5,000 and 9,000cfs, which is fishing great with different sorts of heavy #14 jig style flies (Tailwater Jig, Devil Jig, Mercer’s Jiggy Caddis, Mother’s Day Caddis) plus a #16 offering as a trailer (Super Midge, Sunday Special, Fat Cadass). You could get minimum flow, especially on warm afternoons, with solid caddis hatches and fish biting all sorts of caddis imitations in the #16-#18 size range, plus Ruby and Root Beer Midges and Whitetail Midges #16-#18. You could also see big water up to 18,000-20,000cfs, in which case you’ll probably want some Mega Worms, Blobs, Cheetos, and split shot, or give streamers a try with White River Deceivers, Big Johnsons, or weighted Twerking Minnows.

Steve Morgan caught a nice one with guide Bryan Kick

The weather is moody as well. Cold mornings, warm afternoons, wind sometimes and calm others, rain, sunburn, sleet? Gotta come prepared with various clothing in April, but the fish seem to be biting through all of it.

David Reed got a chunky brown on a beautiful bluebird morning

Norfork has been flowing steady at one unit or around 2,900cfs, which is getting its own caddis and midge hatches pretty strong on warm sunny days, and fishing well with #14 heavy nymphs like Rainbow Warrior Jig and Hare’s Ear Jig, plus #16 Super Midges and Whitetail Midges, Sunday Specials, and Fat Caddass. Hunchback Scuds and Tailwater Sowbugs and Wotton Sowbugs are good when caddis and midges aren’t hatching strong.

Curt Hiledebrant scores a nice one on a caddis dry with Steve Dally

Smallmouth junkies can get a few grins on Crooked Creek with Hada’s Craft Fur Clouser, or CJ’s Mega Minnow. Other warm-water enthusiasts might find true love casting various Clouser Minnows in one of the many arms of Bull Shoals or Norfork Lakes, in search of whatever bites, be it black bass, temperate bass, crappie, bluegill, or walleye.

Shelly Hildebrandt finds good fish