Dally’s Fly Fishing Report 4/8/21

Rob dredged up a big one on the White, photo by Luke Coffey

A nice rain shower on Wednesday knocked some of the dust and pollen out of the air. Mostly clear skies and highs in the seventies today and Friday, with another rain shower coming in late Friday. Then clear and mid-sixties Saturday, sunny and warm on Sunday with the high approaching eighty degrees. That’s a whole lot of nice weather shining down on the spring colors, making for a great weekend to get out on the water.

Redbud and dogwood blossoms everywhere, along with the fresh bright green of spring

Bull Shoals Lake is about eight feet into flood pool, and the dam is pumping out 20,000cfs around the clock, draining the lake at a rate of about six inches a day. That sort of volume in the tailwater presents its challenges, but if you can get a fly down to the fish, they will eat. Dredging deep with plenty split shot and Mega Worms with a Dally’s Tailwater Jig or Wotton Super Midge is a good combo. Pounding the banks with Girdle Bugs or streamers like Dungeons or Lovechild Sculpins is viable as well.

Hugh Smith with a thick hybrid from an Ozark creek

Norfork is also pumping big water around the clock to draw down the lake level. Deep nymphing is quite effective with Blobs or Cheetos trailed by Lightning Bug Jigs, Sunday Specials, Crusty Ron, or Hunchback Scud.

Chip Smith tarpon guide found some shiny fish in the Ozarks

It’s temperate bass season in the tributaries of Bull Shoals and Norfork Lake. Whites and Hybrids can be caught on Clouser Minnows, Stay Hungry Streamers, and Daniel’s Good Friday Shad. Who knows what else might bite while you’re playing that game, those waters are also home to Walleye, Smallmouth, Kentucky bass, Largemouth, Ozark bass, and the list goes on.

Chip Smith got a good brown too