Dally’s Tadd Fore scoring on Norfork Lake on the Good Friday Shad

JUST landed in the shop ahead of the Easter celebration is Arkansas’s own Good Friday Fly.

Designed and tied by our Simms rep, and a very very fishy dude, Dan Roberts, the Good Friday Shad is a killer imitation for the small shad in our lakes and tributaries, when targeting striped bass, white bass, walleye and other bass species.

You might recall Dan being featured in Bluffline Media’s Striper Season video this winter

The fly will be out commercially later this year but we wanted to feature it for the 2021 spring season.

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Read on for Dan’s story on the fly

I called it this because it corresponds pretty closely with Lent (I’m Catholic so it’s been a big deal my whole life) and we eat fish every Friday during Lent so I thought Good Friday was an appropriate name.

I start throwing this fly pretty frequently in the months of March, April and May for a few reasons. Those are the months when a lot of the game fish are up in the river system of Beaver Lake here in Arkansas and I like throwing a heavier and more flashy fly.

The stripers/walleye/bass are in this section making their “spawning” run so they’re ready to eat but it’s dirtier water and they migrate using the channel so you need something that gets down quickly with some good flash on it.

Keeping it relatively small, heavy and flashy is the key because those fish are willing to eat something quick but they’re not searching for the biggest meal in the lake – they want some drive through food that’s quick and easy.