I’ll Have The Fish

It’s not often you will see a couple of fish steaks on our pages, not dead fish either, despite the fact we and a goodly proportion of our readership enjoys a fillet or two quite often.

But an interesting read from Louis Cahill at Gink and Gasoline that makes us think about what fish we are eating where did it come from and why.

I’ll Have The Fish: Gink and Gasoline

I got into a discussion with a friend the other day that put a burr under my saddle. We were talking about what fish is OK to eat and what isn’t. Not in the way that I refuse to eat a catfish from the Chattahoochee but rather how no one should be eating wild steelhead. My friend, who is not a fisherman, asked “what about farm raised fish?” 

Louis Cahill: Gink and Gasoline