The Ultimate 2020 Fishing Story

Ben Levin holding Kari’s 31″ brown _ Ben Levin image

OF ALL THE 2020 FISHING STORIES, in all the land, from every river, creek, marsh, lake, flat and ocean, not one could top Kari Collins Gentry’s first day fly fishing.

No look back on the year’s fishing would be complete without this tale from late May. The story would get national fly fishing attention and we would also later discover that a female angler had caught the same fish in the same area 9 months earlier

In what is possible the greatest fly fishing story of the decade Kari landed the brown trout of a lifetime, after it ate the small rainbow she was fighting _ and hooked itself on the second fly, and then they landed the monster fish.

And if you don’t think that feat is something special check the expression on the face of our very experienced, very well travelled guide Ben Levin in the image above. This is next level epicness