Dally’s Fly Fishing Report 11/12/20

John Simmons and a nice Norfork rainbow, with Steve Dally

Perfect fall weather has been plentiful across the Ozarks lately: clear blue skies, crisp chilly mornings, light breezes, warm pleasant afternoons. Dally’s fly shop carries all sorts of Simms layering options to stay comfortable through the entire temperature swing. Fall color persists along the river bottoms and steep hillsides: bits of yellow and orange lingering here and there, beautifully juxtaposed against the deep green of cedars clinging to the bluffs. Bald eagles pluck trout from the river and carry sticks to their nests in tall sycamores or cottonwoods. It’s hard to complain about anything while surrounded by such things.

Rick Morris fishing with Duane Bell

Flows have increased on the White from last week. Cubic feet per second data is still unavailable from USACE, but tailwater elevation is stable between 454-455 feet above sea level, which should be somewhere around 10,000cfs. Girdle Bugs, San Juan Worms, and egg patterns make good attractors for indicator rigs, trailed by #14-16 midges, mayflies, or caddis. Dally’s Tailwater Jigs, DW’s Super Midges, Rainbow Warriors, Copper Johns are all good choices. Jigged Hare’s Ear and Pheasant Tails are also strong. Sparkle Minnows, large Wooly Buggers, and Meat Whistles are good streamer choices.

Adam Morris came in with his father Rick to find these browns with Duane Bell

Norfork is running one unit for about 2,600cfs volume, a good water level for fishing. The water is off color from lake turnover effect, so fishing a brightly colored attractor such as an orange egg pattern, Blob fly, Cheeto, or pink San Juan worm is smart, trailed by any number of more subtle offerings. Hunchback Scuds are strong, Sunday Specials, Hare’s Ear and Pheasant Tail nymphs are all good. Midges of course are worth fishing – DW Whitetail and Super midges, and Redneck midges. Sparkle Minnows would be a perfect streamer choice in the stained water.

Chad John treating his fly fishers to one of the glorious afternoons we are enjoying right now, steve dally image