Helping Others

Few flyfishers advance without the advice of others

Nice read from Spencer Durrant in Hatch Magazine on how the decision to step up to help other fly fishers can change lives, yours and their’s.

Finding mentors, one or many, is the key to most fly fishers either committing to the life or being lost, one of the 20% that fishes once and departs. Enjoy the story.

I don’t know what happened to that angler in Oregon, but I know that without the help Ryan showed me — and countless others like him — I wouldn’t have likely kept at fly fishing with this level of commitment. Long days of getting skunked, doubting yourself, and watching others catch fish is enough to make the casual angler quit the sport.

Lending a hand only takes a few minutes, and it might just be the hand that keeps the next generation of young anglers on the river.

SPENCER DURRANT: HAYCH MAGAZINE: Are you helping other anglers? You should be.