Presley “Happy” Galloway in his happy place

PRESLEY GALLOWAY, the happiest man on the river is in the biggest fight of his life and needs our support.
The White River trout community is coming together Saturday night with a benefit for Presley with a collection of the very best trout fishing guides in the country willing to share information, or a tall tale, with anyone who asks.

The potluck dinner will be held Saturday night, from 5pm to 7.30pm at the Youth Center in Cotter.
Presley is the only man friends with every single person he meets. Presley is without doubt the most joyful person we know, hence the nickname Happy.  Saturday night’s dinner is a pot luck so please bring a dish, or a couple. Then we’re gonna charge you to eat it, to kick start the night’s fundraising. 

Look around you will see a Who’s Who of trout fishing and everyone there is gonna be willing to share information to all who ask.We have the big names attending. Just to name a few, Chad Johnson, Steven Dally, Donald Cranor, Lou Treat, Jerry Killibrew, Erick Beacher, Rick Oneale, Linn Hicks, Cody Willis, Michael Osborne, Carl Jones, and many more. There have pretty good information that Chad Johnson and Lou Treat will be signing autographs, if you dip into your pocket for Happy.

We are also gonna auction off some fishing trips, lodging, and anything else of value that we can collect between now and then. Baked good always seems to be a big hit so get to cooking, or arm your wallet to buy some of the best local goodies.
Please come hang out with us Saturday at the Youth Center in Cotter.

If you don’t learn something about trout fishing hanging with thes guys then you probably already know more than you should. And you will know why so many are coming to raise funds for Happy