Cutthroat cannibals: Hatch Mag

Mouth of a killer, Bonneville cuttie on Norfork

WHEN conversations turn to cutthroat most of the talk is of cutties rising happily, goofily to a dry fly, rather than a predator, hunting down other fish.

But as Chris Hunt writes in Hatch Magazine it’s not just brown trout that hunts big hunks of fishy protein

In the Bear River of southern Idaho, native Bonneville cutthroat trout have been caught and dissected. Their stomach contents, just as often as not? Baby carp.

The lesson? When the protein is there, cutthroats will eat it. Don’t assume that these beautiful native trout are so pure that they’ll only eat mayfly duns and that the only way to chase them is with the associated imitations cast upstream.

The fish that might eat a size 16 Adams in July likely spent the month of June chasing and eating baby suckers … or even baby cutthroats.