Dally’s Fly Fishing Report 8/27/20

Dale House with a sweet hopper brown. Steve Dally image

A much needed break from the intense August heat started yesterday. High temps are in the upper eighties instead of upper nineties for the entire ten day forecast, and a soaking rain from the tropical storm pushing north starts tonight through Friday morning, rinsing off the dust. Whew! What a relief it is to fish under some partial cloud cover for a while after a long stretch of burning sun in a clear blue sky. Change is good!

Tim BurkHalter with his pb hopper brown. Steve Dally image

Many fishermen have been transitioning to fishing only mornings and evenings, or some combination of each, in order to avoid the worst heat and take advantage of the best hopper bite. Hopefully with the change in the weather that strategy will be less necessary, and we’ll experience great fishing and comfortable conditions during bankers’ hours!

A freshly stocked Tiger Trout, on a hopper

Water levels on the White have been up and down daily, creating both challenges and opportunities. The water has been falling in the morning from somewhere around 13,000cfs down to around 9,000+cfs, making it a little difficult to get off to a good start for the day, as hard falling water can make the trout reluctant to bite. But that situation has not been long lived, and the fish are biting with a vengeance when the water starts coming back up mid morning. Flows continue climbing throughout the day up to 17,000-18,000cfs, and afternoon/evening fishing has been good to great. Choice dry flies include Fat Alberts, Evan’s Baby Foam, Psycho Ants, and Jake’s Trigger Belly.

Ken Sickles with a monster rainbow on a dry fly

When fish aren’t willing to come up for a dry fly, just stop struggling with it and feed them what they want. Girdle Bugs and other rubberleg nymphs have been strong, especially when trailed by a Tailwater Jig, Devil Jig, or Super Midge #14. San Juan worms have also been good, and may be especially effective after this heavy rain. Streamer junkies should have optimal conditions over the next few days with overcast skies and big water. Chunk some Twerking Minnows, Big Johnsons, and Modern Deceivers.

Mark Sickles nymphs up a nice brown

Norfork is fishing well running at a unit and a half, or around 5,000cfs. The Blob fly makes a killer attractor pattern fished with split shot, and trailed by a Hunchback Scud or Whitetail Midge. San Juan worms are also good, and rubberleg nymphs.

Sunrise on the White