Never has so much rested on so many small fish, Missouri Boys celebrate an elusive green sunfish

So what is it like competing in the All Species Odyssey. I reckon the consensus would be harder than you think, more gruelling than it sounds, and way more fun than you could expect.

Eighteen teams left the parking lot on Saturday, appropriately social distanced by sitting in their air conditioned trucks, for the event. See some of the stuff that Steve captured

The Odyssey: will get you up early after a late night
The Odyssey takes you to weird places _ I particularly like the two crowding Luke’s backcast
But you are never far from the natural beauty of the Ozarks
Josh Lack making tourism posters
It’s fly fishing, it never goes all to plan. At least your teammate is amused. Ole Miss Sucks bonding exercise
Helpfully your teammate will point out that squirrels don’t score Colin. Team 2 Guys and Some Flies
The Grass Carp figured something was up
Odyssey Contestants: 2 _ Grass Carp: 90
Just one more cast and he will eat it, Phil Curtis TU 420
Maybe they will eat this one: Brandon Harris Ole Miss Sucks
This is the fly: David French 2 Guys and Some Flies
David taking time out to help two locals fishing the ponds on regular gear. Its that kind of event
Unlike a regular day on the water small things make big smiles Scott Hood TU 420
Every species counts as one
Landing a species you haven’t caught get extra importantance Justin Spencer from Missouri Boys with an oops
Then you can celebrate. Dawn Schraeder and Michael Jnr, Team Flywater
If you already have the species …. Colin Landry 2 Guys and Some Flies
Bummer …. Brian Wise Missouri Boys
So many choices … Paden Wilcox MO Mad Toms
Damn Grass Carp. Mike Kromrey MO Mad Toms
We didn’t call it the Odyssey for nothing … when all you are left with is a seat on the bank roll casting
OR drifting a worm under a bobber with your rod on the ground
It might be time for Prizes and a Nap. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL DETAILS