Drew Turner with a nice rainbow, but the surprise was to come

So a few weeks ago I spent a fun morning guiding Drew Turner from Memphis with his father Gavin.

Drew was a question every minute, particularly when it came to tying streamers, fishing streamers an Dry Run Creek.

So this week I got a bunch of pics and a story from Drew from fishing Dry Run after our float. Enjoy I know I did.

And check out the neat job on the Dungeon down below.

I was reaching out to you to thank you for the fun times fishing and tell you about my time on Dry Run Creek. A few weeks ago, the Monday after our guided fishing, my Dad, my sister and I went to Dry Run to fish before we left for Memphis. The weather was very nice, and we were the only ones at the creek. After catching a few smaller fish with smaller flies, I tied on a black circus peanut(front hook clipped and barbless) to see what would happen. I dipped the fly in the water to watch it swim, when a nice rainbow(pictured below) crushed the fly! That fish convinced me to keep fishing that fly. After a missed bite or two, I moved upstream to some fast water above a small waterfall.
After messing around casting at a fish I saw, I cast across stream into the fastest water. Soon after, A HUGE rainbow trout SLAMMED the fly, and it was hooked! I had to fight the fish downstream, and after a quick fight, the monster was in the net. This trout was the biggest trout that i had ever caught! It was football shaped, chunky, and around 26 inches long. We kept the fish in the water while we got a camera out. When I held the fish up for a picture, it wrestled out of my hands and straight into the water, and it was gone. I wish I had a picture of this fish, but there was nothing I could do to stop this fish.(the last picture attached is of us all confused after that fish released itself😂).

Thinking back I am glad that this fish went back into the water safely and healthy, so it can be caught another day. Thank you again for the great time we had fishing with you and everything that you taught me.
Drew Turner