Best Fly Fishing Book In Years

WE have introduced some interesting characters to Cotter over the years, and Scotland-born, New Zealand based guide, fly tyer and retailer Stu Tripney is truly one of the funniest and a great story teller.

Honestly I thought my wife and I were going to fall off the balcony one night at his Army Ant tale, though the “water of life” might have been involved.

So I reckon Stu is a natural, to get behind the keyboard and turning his adventures into reads for all of us and you can help get Jungle Blues published.

Jungle Blues is Stu’s first travel memoir, recounting his strange adventures while living in the jungles of Malaysia. A story about the environment, human nature and strange friends, this hilarious tale will appeal to anyone who loves the thrill of travel and adventure.

Is called “Jungle Blues” and it’s written by Stu Tripney, owner of Stu’s Superior Flies in Athol, New Zealand.  Stu needs help getting the project to the finish line and has asked us to share this kickstarter link

I’ve read the book, and I think it’s some of the most compelling “adventure angling” writing out there—and that’s been my bailiwick for years.  I think this fresh perspective will transcend to American anglers, especially if you help get it in front of them.

Kirk Deeter: Editor, Late May 2020 Angling Trade E-News