INK FISHING: The FlyFish Journal

Drew Wilson with a tiger trout in Nevada: Katie Shingleur via The Fly Fish Journal

I used to think hook sets were satisfying because that meant that you tricked the fish; and I used to think that releases were satisfying because that meant that you had gotten what you needed and you were sending them back into the world. But now I feel satisfaction when I feel like I did something witty and it worked. 

I feel the same in tattooing. If it’s witty and it works, and they didn’t see it coming, then that means I did it right.


IF YOU bump into Drew Wilson on an Arkansas tailwater, a smallmouth creek or in a fly shop, you’ll probably notice the tattoos and the big grin.

But it’s the tattoos, and other art work, that has Drew getting noticed on a national scale, his imagery in demand as personal art by fly fishers across the country

Colin Clancy was one of those and took the time to interview Drew and turn it into this excellent read in The Fly Fish Journal.

If you want some of your own you can find Drew’s Instagram (with 29500 followers) here

Scroll down and you can find this streamer brown adorning Bill Thorne’s arm