CHASING the bass with stripes is a spring ritual for Ozark fly rodders as much as White River caddis, redbuds, dogwood and morels.

In this, the first episode of our new How To video series join Steve + Chad as they meet with with Ozark temperate bass guru Bill Butts on the North Fork of the White.

Bill gives the guys a run down on why these specie are so much fun to chase and how to go about it, as they dodge storms, cast small streamers and find a bunch of small but hard pulling hybrid white/striped bass. They also end up in the middle of a hybrid orgy as the spawn fires off around the boat

If you want a more detail look into fly rodding for these species read Bill’s tactics article here

You can also check out the first white bass “fishporn” video the guys did together 5 years ago “Hillbilly Coho” is you want to see what happens on the good days.