Pig Farm Ink (pigfarmink.com) and Vedavoo Gear (vedavoo.com) are leading a unique 4-week tying challenge – the first virtual event for Pig Farm Ink.

The opening week challenge was to come up with a fly tied only from bathroom materials (no TP) and enter via instagram (rules below)

Check out All the week one entries here

A new challenge out shortly via Pig Farm Ink

Promote HOPE through an event that can bring together fly tyers of all ages and skill levels. This will be a program that is NOT limited to a specific geographic area – but rather OPEN to anyone from anywhere on the globe. We will be channeling the bulk of the program through
INSTAGRAM via the Pig Farm Ink account – @pigfarmink. We are all in this together. Like the Phoenix in Stockton’s art, we will all rise from this.

Each week, a tying challenge will be presented. Anyone who wants to participate will be able to
– tying their submission flies, and posting them to their instagram account.
Any submissions must be submitted and posted to Instagram on Wednesday or Thursday (each
week). On Friday morning, two winners will be announced from the submissions received.
– Must be following @pigfarmink and all sponsors
– Must tag @pigfarmink and all sponsors on submission
– Must use hashtag #OnlineIronFly