The Tailwater Jig Kit for size 14 and 16

GET YOUR PAWS on these Custom Tying Kits for Steve Dally’s Tailwater Jig patterns, and get busy tying for your White River adventures.

Tha Tailwater Jigs are already a popular item with our guides and customers alike and the range of midge-flavored expanding this season, are set to become a mainstay.

The Tailwater Jig Kits lead off our series of Custom Tying Kits, only available online or phone order, put together by the sharp mind of Tadd Fore in conjunction with our tiers: Steve, Chad Johnson, Davy Wotton, Ben Levin etc. Each Kit will have it’s own instructional video.

The Tailwater Jig Kits are hand picked to include everything you need and nothing you don’t. Simply add a vice, tools and tying thread and you are away. Most of us have black UTC 70 or similar so it was not included in the Jig Kits.

Each kit contains the hooks, slotted tungsten beads, wire and dubbing to tie four of Steve’s favored combinations:

Cranberry: 2 strands Red; 1 Silver

Ruby: 2 strands Black; 1 Red

Silver Bullet: 2 strands Silver; 1 Black

Zebra: 2 Strands Black; 1 Silver

Plus Steve’s own tying notes including bonus designs.

Size 14 & 16 Kit Click Here

Add Size 18 material to the above kit

Size 18 Standalone Kit