Dally’s Fly Fishing Report 3/5/20

Abe Streep with 27″ of predator with Steve Dally

A bit of spring come early, or so the weather would suggest. Plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures have graced us all with their lovely presence over the past few days. Plenty more sunshine is on the forecast through the weekend, and it looks like the next rain doesn’t come until Monday. It’s gonna be a right nice weekend for trout fishing, y’all.

Graham Radford of Auburn with a nice streamer brown and guide Kevin Brandtonies

The warmer weather is creating subtle changes in the river landscape that point toward spring: trees along the banks are starting to bud, eagles are sitting on nests, frogs are peeping from the marshy bottoms. The fishing seems to be getting just a little bit better too, or perhaps the pleasant weather lends to a more favorable perception and memory, either way it’s been fun not getting rained on and catching fish at the same time!

Tony Moore found this nice brown last week with Steve

Streamer fishing is still producing big fish, not everywhere all the time, but just enough to keep things interesting stripping the big flies. Good ones to try include: Dally’s Twerking Minnow, CJ’s Big Johnson, Lafkas’ Modern Deceiver, and Galloup’s Bangtail. Fish hard, fish well, and good things eventually happen.

Graham Radford of Auburn with a 24″ bow and guide Kevin Brandtonies

Dead drifting meaty flies under bobber has been pretty dependable for getting into some fish. It’s not all lob casts on long heavy rigs either – though that is certainly one of the more effective ways of catching fish in high water conditions. Look in the right places though and you can still find fish in slow shallow water even when the river is at 23,000cfs. There is a lot of water that can be effectively fished with a very “castable” bobber setup, complete with tricky casting angles around trees, mending in dynamic currents, picking structure apart – you can make the bobber game as challenging as you like. Try different depths depending on wether you’re fishing tight to a bank or deep over bottom structure. Think meaty on your fly selection: worms, sculpins, rubberleg buggers, AR Beadheads, Meat Whistles.