Texas Fly Fishing & Beer Festival, March 21-22

COME along to the 4th annual Texas Fly Fishing and Beer Festival in Plano Texas next month and catch up with the Dally’s crew

This two day festival in Plano is always a great time with some awesome classes and great speakers. We will be talking White River fishing, tying flies, as usual.

The mission of the Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival is to introduce as many people as possible to the quiet sport of fly fishing. We fulfill this mission by offering instruction in fly casting, fly tying, resources conservation, and much more—all geared to festivalgoers of all ages and ability levels and from different walks of life. We hope to inculcate in this next generation of fly anglers the ethos of fly fishing: to be diligent and thoughtful stewards and conservators both of our precious natural resources and of the quiet sport itself.

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at fly fishing or fly tying, the Texas Fly & Brew is your chance! Wander the festival grounds, listen to and meet angling experts, sip the Texas brews, or stroll outside and cast a fly rod in a relaxed setting.