There isn’t going to be a caddis shortage: image courtesy of Michael Wood

AT this time of year all the attention is on the big trout on streamers, but it won’t be long and the focus, of trout and fly fishers is on the caddis.

And judging by the number of caddis dredged up on this streamer, the caddis hatch is likely to be spectacular again.

Closeup of a live caddis coming from its case, Michael Wood image
Video of Caddis Hatch in 2019 by Steve Dally

The White River caddis is growing into a true fly fishing spectacular, with clouds of bugs daily throughout spring. The peak of the hatch for the last few years has been late April into early May.

But an early end to winter might return the hatch back to its traditional kickoff in March. Water flows and temperatures, both air and river, play a key role.

It’s a great time to visit the White and experience a true natural wonder, whether you are fishing yourself or book a guide

A live one coming from his case _ Michael Wood image