LOVEFEST 2020: Its A Wrap


Oh won’t you stay

Just a little bit longer

Please please please, say you will

Say you will

Jackson Browne – Stay – YouTube

EVERY YEAR I turn off the lights after the Streamer Lovefest and get a few wistful thoughts.

“Glad you buggers are gone but wish you would stay a little longer”.

The Lovefest is a tremendous effort by a whole bunch of people, not just myself, who sits back herding kittens as the saying goes.


Firstly we have to think all those who turned up on the night, the guestimate is around 300 again, though with some excellent organisation on the floor there seemed to be more room than last year.

We were truly grateful for the generosity on the night with more than $5000 raised for The Mayfly Project, our fundraising recipient for the 2020 event, a group which was conceived in Arkansas as a way to help foster kids via fly fishing and tying.

As well as the direct cash injection we were stoked to overhear numerous conversations by people wanting to mentor the kids, set up new branches and perhaps, even host. There were a lot of big hearted solid people in that room.


The Lovefest was built on the passion and commitment of the streamer obsessed, and by the awesome List of Tyers who revel in “their kinda crowd” _ and as Michael Schmidt posted on Instagram how much fun tying events can be when there is direct access and unfiltered action with the tyers.

Erik Griffen getting to tie alongside the Godfather, Kelly Galloup

Kelly Galloup’s impact on the Lovefest has been pretty cool, and he digs the atmosphere and passion as much as anyone. I know this year Erik Griffen, was stoked to get to tie alongside The Godfather.

But even some older and way better known tiers confided they only got to meet their inspiration Galloup at a Lovefest, and were kinda blown away to now be hanging with him. There is really no ego or BS either, being Lovefest tyers is being part of a family. They all do it because they want to.

Is someone taking the pith out of kelly galloup?

The other huge shout out has got to go to our sponsors who have backed us from year one: even though the demands get bigger every year and we are competing with the national fly fishing show circuit.

Firstly the crew at Shawnee Supreme Boats who sponsor the feeding of the masses: this year KT’s BBQ from Gassville served 285 meals of awesome sausage gumbo

Sweetwater Brewery and their local distributor Glasers, provided all the beverages, plus some pretty cool schwag including a pair of branded Costa sunglasses.

YETI once stepped up massively with prizes and schwag for the guests and tyers. The goody bags continued to be a hit which is probably why we had people lining up for 90 minutes or better before the doors opened.

We also get great support from Rainy’s Flies, Simms, Montana Fly Co, Sage, RIO, Renzetti, and other vendors. Thank you all

Enjoy the pics and see you next year

Mike Schmidt
The young fella here provided all the entertainment at the Wise Dally tying station
Becca Dally 12 months on and having a good time
One of the Dixon twins starting your
Dally’s owner Jim Dugan caught
Mrs Wise, caught with Mr Wise
Rich Strolis
Amy Spencer
Bill Thorne and Donal Cranor
Emily Gilchrist
Great friends Russ Maddin Alex Lafkas
Matt Grajewski in full voice
Brian Kick
Size matters: Paul Brown and Jeff Trigg
Grant Braudrick TFO & Rainys rep and source of the tunes
Jason King