Dally’s Fly Fishing Report 1/22/20

Josh worked hard in cold conditions for this two footer, with guide Ben Levin

Over the last week streamer fishermen enjoyed some good action and suffered some slow outings as well – all part of the trophy hunting experience. A student angler in Chad Johnson’s streamer class had a brief encounter with the fish of a lifetime under the supervision of guide Jason Loyd. That fish didn’t make it to the net, but there was at least one fish over 10lb confirmed landed last week, so one thing’s for sure, some damn big browns are a real possibility.

The Supreme 207 parked at the picturesque bluffs of Buffalo City

Runoff has all but completely cleared out of the important larger tributaries like Crooked Creek and Buffalo River, leaving the entire tailwater fishery all the way to Calico Rock and beyond in a totally fishable state for the time being. Flows have stabilized nicely at around 16,000cfs – not much up or down to speak of – making for perfect streamer fishing conditions. Lake levels jumped up several feet over the past couple weeks, storing the heavy rain we received that temporarily flooded the watershed, and that means we should see good stable high flows for at least a couple weeks into the future.

It’s about to get cold and wet Wednesday and Thursday, but that’s perfect big fish weather. Cloudy skies and great conditions continue through Friday, and then skies start to clear Saturday and Sunday. Usually the post frontal weather includes high winds, a bane of the fly fisherman’s experience, but luckily this weekend the wind appears to lay low even after the clouds make their exit. That’s good news for anglers coming to fish surrounding this weekend’s Streamer Lovefest at Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher. There appears to be no bad days for fishing in the forecast.

GW Raesz dug this one out on a dally’s twerking minnow. Steve Dally image

Locally designed large streamer patterns are producing on the White: CJ’s Big Johnson and Sluggo, Dally’s Twerking Minnow and Tiny Dancer. Patterns contributed by out of state guides and tiers are important pieces in the White River repertoire as well: Lafkas’ Modern Deceiver and Lovechild Sculpin, Galloup’s Sex Dungeon and Bangtail T&A, and Schmidt’s Double Deceiver. If streamer fishing is not your speed, dredge those egg and worm patterns with pride! Get em down over clean gravel bottoms with plenty of 2x-3x fluorocarbon, AAA split shot, and a big ole Thingamabobber…..oh yeah.

Jeff Brodnax found some butter in down town cotter, steve dally image

Norfork is pumping two units, opening up even more streamer fishing water. The narrow fast and deep river channel nearly requires weighted patterns like Sex Dungeons, lead headed Deceivers or Twerking Minnows, and Circus Peanuts. Alternatively, dredge the slow pools with an egg, worm, or Daphnia cluster, Cheeto, or something else meaty and visible in the deep green flows.