Weekend RunOff

Archive pic of Buffalo City Access in flood May 2017

IF you have ever watched the weirdness of flows on the White River system and wondered why, well part of the picture was pretty well illustrated with Friday night’s crazy spate.

The USGS Arkansas Streamflow gauges on the Buffalo and Crooked Creek showed massive bumps in flow Friday afternoon and Saturday. The Buffalo topped out at around 40,000 cfs, and Crooked Creek 17,000 cfs.

The third screen grab I took is of the gauge at Norfork on the White River, with a big time 60,000 cfs. To put the numbers in some sort of context, the highest I’ve seen out of Bull Shoals with spillway gates and generators was 50,000 cfs in 2011. All the big water flows before Christmas only hit 27,000 cfs.

The Newport gauge on the White River is telling too, and one of the critical measure points to USACE uses to how it control water flows. This morning White still rising on the flood water from the weekend and approaching flood stage. Prior to Christmas the Corp was pushing as much water as it could out of the tailwaters and still keep Newport around 21′.

If you are a flow nerd its interesting watching.