Tie Hard: The Lovefest Tyers

Strolis, Johnson, Grajewski, Galloup, all will be back

IT SOUNDS like hard sell hyperbole but every year the tying list for the Streamer Lovefest sounds deeper, stronger.

It’s a roll call of streamer smarts, from OG gurus like Galloup and Maddin, commercial tyers wheeling out incredible numbers like Strolis and Schmidt, the guys that stock our own bins like Johnson, Lafkas and Dally, and the list goes on and on.

We are super stoked to have Renzetti Ambassador Matt Grajewski confirmed to be back, and the popular return of Chris “Waderfunk” Franzen.

We have partnered with Arkansas-born The Mayfly Project, which uses fly fishing and tying to help foster children, which will be the target project for the evening’s fund raising.

As usual the event is free but we will be twisting arms and picking pockets to get people to buy raffle tickets for a host of prizes from our sponsors, including the always sought after fly box of flies tied on the night by our guest tyers.

Shawnee Supreme Boats once again have stepped up to sponsor feeding the masses from the kitchen of KT’s BBQ in Gassville. Sweetwater Brewery has again stepped up to help with beverages.

Our major sponsors Yeti, Sage, Simms, RIO, Montana Fly Co, Rainy’s Flies, Flymen Fishing Co, Umpqua, Orvis, TFO, Fishpond are all onboard helping with the rafflie prizes and our awesome shwag bags.

Our Streamer celebration kicks off with Dave Cornue leading our Bugs N Brews night at Rapp’s Barren Brewery in Mountain Home on January 15. The Chad Johnson Streamer Class on January 18, and our Nick Groves and Russ Maddin Streamer Tying Classes ahead of the Lovefest on January 25.