Russ Maddin and pal .. image Russ Maddin

At the wrap up of last year’s Dynamic Duo class it was obvious a couple of hours with Russ Maddin wasn’t enough and we needed to get him back for a full fledged Lovefest tying class.

Mind you an evening with Russ and his Swedish buddy Andreas Andersen was a very special event indeed.

Russ is a tier’s tier, clean, thoughtful there is a reason for every wrap and addition of material and his thoughts on streamer design are solidly grounded in hours of fishing and guiding

So we are super stoked to get Russ on the program this year for a 3.5 hour class on January 25.

Maddin’s Flash Monkey easy to cast and such a producer

Russ truly is one of the the O.G modern streamer designers, and something of a child prodigy, starting working in fly shops in Michigan at age 13.  He is best known for the Circus Peanut, a fly developed after he started working for Kelly Galloup at age 19.

The updated Circus Peanut

Galloup often says the Circus Peanut is the fly he wishes he had designed.

Maddin is one of those guys who lets his fishing and tying speak volumes, and his classes have been incredibly well received. Russ is a patient and kind instructor with a deep curiosity in others. Spend some time with Russ

Russ’s Class will kick off the Lovefest day at 8.30 am. Canadian tier Nick Groves will run a class starting at 1pm

The two classes will precede our annual Streamer Lovefest streamer party and fundraiser where you can get to watch and meet some of Streamer tying’s finest and most colorful exponents.

Along with Nick Groves, the Godfather Kelly Galloup will be returning, plus our local streamer designers Chad Johnson, Alex Lafkas and Steve Dally and a host of talent including well known commercial tiers Michael Schmidt and Rich Strolis.

Cost is $60 a head These classes have traditionally been over subscribed so we require full payment up front. In the event of an emergency, we will endeavor to sell your spot to another class member. In the event we resell and fill your spot, you will get a full refund.

Both classes are for advanced tiers, familiar with streamer tying. Only 8 spots available January 25: Bring you own vice, light, tools and thread. Materials provided.

Call 870 435 6166 to secure your spot