Lynsey’s last Dry Run Creek fish

THANKSGIVING has become an acquired tradition around our house, for me at least, the rest of the family were well versed since childhood.

But we don’t do Thanksgiving Down Under, but I mean what is not to like with family traditions, turkey and all the trimmings and comfy pants. When we moved here in 2007, with 3 kids under 17 Dry Run Creek became part of the entertainment.

Lynsey’s first time on Dry Run in 2007

In case you haven’t heard of Dry Run Creek, it is simply the world’s best fisher for anyone under the age of 16: it has it all plenty of fish or monster fish, and when the chill gets in the air and the fairweather fishers depart Dry Run gets better.

When we started fishing while the turkey was cooking was a pretty good way to ensure some solitude.

Derrick on the Thanksgiving trip we tortured a prototype S-glass TFO rod for kids in the name of science

It was a heck of a good way to work up an appetite, and coming in out of the cold to a warm house smelling of turkey and dressing and green bean casserole and gravy, will always be a great memory.

The year we got Crystal to the Creek, she caught this brown and returned to her knitting

Digging back through the archives of photos on a hard drive or two opened up a bunch of memories. Which is really why we go fly fishing in the first place, its not about catching the fish but making memories.

One that made her momma cry _ the girls modelling Fishpond’s first women’s vests in the old fly shop across the road.

These days the kids are grown, married or the next best thing, and Derrick hosts at his house in North West Arkansas. Come March Lynsey is making Becca and I grandparents, which after the initial eye widening shock, opens us a whole bunch of wonderful possibilities.

A Thanksgiving male surprising us both

And thankfully it was Becca who made the comment “we’ll have a new one in a few years to take to Dry Run”. Sounds a pretty damn fine tradition to resume.

Have a Great Thanksgiving


Lynsey and Becca leaving Dry Run for the last time