One Fish, Two Fish?

THOSE BIG BROWN TROUT from the White River system leave one heck of an impression. Eagle-eyed customer Chris Barker from Virginia though that one of our fishing report photos, of a 23″ brown taken by Gabe Levin, looked familiar and dropped us a note.

Hi Steve,
Was reading the fishing journal report and noticed a particular fish that a Brian Robbins was holding. It looked “familiar”, as did the section of river possibly. So I went back and pulled up the picture of a fish I caught back in Feb 2018. Looks like the same fish to me, was 22 inches then. Glad to see it growing! See ya in may!

Chris Barker

I sent the images to Gabe and he, and I both reckon Chris is right, which goes to show catch and release works.

NB: Incidentally it’s not the first time Gabe and I have been amidst this sort of thing on a brown trout. Check out this report