Love and the Brown Trout

Ashlyn Bechtold, from KY, with a White River brown, all images courtesy Michael Love

Michael Love from KY gave us a bunch of images and some very kind words about the guide crew we put together for three chilly but fun days on the River in October

He was joined on the trip by girlfriend Ashlyn Bechtold and father Michael Sr.

Michael score his own piece of White River gold

Along all the pics Michael included some words from Ashlyn and Michael Snr

Ashlyn and Michael Snr

Ashlyn:  “I really had fun fishing with Gabe and Ben, they were both excellent teachers, and very patient with someone learning like me.  I caught 30 fish a day i bet!  I even caught 3 brown trout over 18 inches, ready to go back already”

Mike Sr: “Enjoyed the heck out of the my first trip to the white river.  Didn’t expect to catch as many fish as I did.  Got to learn a new skill of indicator fishing on a drift boat.  All the guides were patient teachers and made sure that all our needs were taken care of.  I want to go back soon”

Thanks Steve!

Ashlyn, Gabe and Davy rigging up after lunch on day 2

Gabe:  Had a calm demeanor and a way with words in explaining his thoughts behind the fly cast, mending, fish location and behavior.  Seemed to have a good grasp on philosophy which made for great conversation.  He told us he never had a bad experience with a client, which probably is a reflection of how he himself guides.

Ben:  My time with Ben was only spent during lunch, seemed to be a curious individual.  Its always nice when someone is generally curious about things outside of their own unique experiences.  From my understanding, at his young age he is a seasoned veteran in fly fishing, Dad and Ashlyn really enjoyed his company and calm demeanor.

Davy:  What a character!  He was opinionated on fly fishing but all his opinions would stand up to any test of logic.  There may not be another man with more experience fly fishing.  I loved seeing Davy crack a joke at my old man the day after they went fishing together, you could tell their similar ages had bonded them in crust.
cuttie on a 5″ streamer