Lee Wulff Biopic Completed

Lee Wulff overlooking a portion of Newfoundland’s wilderness that received protection because of his advocacy. image via Midcurrent.com

JUMP over to Midcurrent.com for an update on the much anticipated biopic of the iconic Lee Wulff, which uses excepts from Wulff’s own films produced over 4 decades, plus interviews with friends, family and colleagues

The Wulff Projects has completed production on a film biography of Lee Wulff, which is hosted and narrated by Peter Coyote and produced by Jeffrey Pill.  The film is titled “Lee Wulff: A Remarkable Life.”  As we noted when the film was first announced three years ago, the producers acquired the rights to Lee Wulff’s original films that he produced, directed, wrote and narrated during the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s.  Dozens of the original films shot by Wulff were restored and digitized into high definition to help create this extensive new biopic.

Marshall Cutchin, publisher of MidCurrent, was recently given an opportunity to screen the new film and had this to say: “This film is a reminder that passionate curiosity can and does change history. Lee Wulff largely defined the American angling ethic and set durable benchmarks for conservation. Yet there may be no other person in sporting history who was as little understood. This extensive biopic changes all that. Jeffrey Pill has done a masterful job of revealing the man behind the ideals that we are still trying to live up to.”

Midcurrent: Lee Wulff BioPic